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How to Sell On shopclues.

Dear customer if you get any call or SMS and tell about Prize and also give information to pay any money than call to our Head Department before doing any payment on our whatsapp number +91-6206686938. +91 8420633769 is our prize department whatsapp number. You don't need to call service centre because he can give only information about sell and purchase of shopping priducts. Information about prize can only be provided by shopclues Lucky Draw Head Prize Department Whatsapp +91-6206686938 or Helpline Number +91 8420633769.

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Some Great Profits To Sell Online On shopclues

No Expenditure on Setting up Shop

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When you're opening a conventional brick and mortar store, a painfully long list of expenses crops up. It comprises expenses of renting/buying land, interior decoration, electricity and miscellaneous costs. Unavoidable and exorbitant as these expenses are when you have a brick-and-mortar store, selling on shopclues means that such expenses become void. In the absence of a registration or listing fee, you can actually start your business at a zero set-up cost!

Wider Customer Reach

Only occasionally would a potential customer go beyond a few miles to visit a particular store, even if the brand is a personal favorite of that customer. On the other hand, shopclues offers a much larger geographical reach for sellers to showcase their products. Since the shopclues website can be accessed from anywhere in India, the customer base is automatically broadened to include countless delivery areas spanning 3000+ cities and towns

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Some Other Features To Sell Online

Open for Business 24x7

Very rarely do brick and mortar stores stay open 24x7 and even if they do, it involves more expenditure and insufficient footfall that doesn’t make up for the expenses incurred. It's unheard-of for a customer to step out of his house at midnight just to buy a jacket. shopclues doesn’t shut shop which implies customers can conveniently browse for hours, be it in on their way back home or during a boring marathon meeting at work, thus getting 24x7 access to your product range, without ever having to step out of their comfort zone

Work from Anywhere

Businessmen often spend at least 10 to 12 hours a day and 7 days a week 'behind the counter' to maintain profit levels. So when do you get to go on a relaxing vacation with your family or take a breather from the 24x7 behind-the-counter routine? Through shopclues’s Seller Panel and Seller Zone Mobile App, you can keep a tab on your online business from anywhere. Instead of staying stuck at your brick and mortar store, you can manage your shopclues online shop through your laptop or smartphone, anywhere in the world. With shopclues, you get to keep track of things, whenever and wherever you want to.

Visual Merchandising

Deciding how to present products in-store is a major task, and has been proven to have a considerable impact on how customers make buying decisions. However, once you’re on-board on shopclues as a seller, you can forget about the hassles of visual merchandizing. All you need are product shots to upload on the e-commerce portal. . If you’re unsure of how to photograph your product collection so as to retain its uniqueness in the photos, shopclues connects you with trained photographers. They ensure that you adhere to cataloguing guidelines and give you professional product shots according to your budget.

Warehousing, Packaging & Transportation

shopclues LUCKY DRAW YOUR WINNER PRIZE INFORMATION CONTACT ASSISTANT MANAGING DIRECTIOR RAJIV MALHOTRA ID NUMBER 3040891, These are intimidating aspects of running a store that deters many sellers from selling home decor or accessories. Storing inventory in warehouses, effectively packaging the items to protect them from damage, and transporting them to the stores/customers are processes that every store owner has to deal with. Not only does this greatly add to the hassles of selling offline, it can also be a setback in terms of customer satisfaction. With your store on shopclues, however, you can stop worrying because shopclues handles all this for its sellers as part of their shopclues Plus program, shopclues LUCKY DRAW YOUR WINNER PRIZE INFORMATION CONTACT ASSISTANT MANAGING DIRECTIOR RAJIV MALHOTRA ID NUMBER 3040891.

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Lucky Draw Key Features

  • India Number #1
  • World 2rd Largest Online Shopping Center
  • World Largest Lucky Draw & Jack Pot Contest
    • Number One #1 Lucky Winner Anouncer
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  • 24X7 Customer care support.

shopclues web Key Features

  1. Cashback offers
  2. Visual Search (for fashion category
  3. Improved aesthetics (typography)
    1. Integration with FreeCharge wallet
      1. Enhanced order-tracking
  4. A new ‘my order’ page
  5. Product selfies
  6. New category navigation grid

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Lukcy Draw Prizes

01. First Prize

02. Second Prize

03. Third Prizes

Lucky Draw Winner

01. First Prize Winner

02. Second Prize Winner

03. Third Prize Winner

04. Till Now Not a Winner

05. Finding Your Prize

Lucky Draw Prize List

01. First Prize : Tata Safari Car

02. Second Prize : Swift Dezire Car

03. Third Prize : KTM Sports Bike